Meets & Events

Thu May 31

(GCC) Greenville Country Club at (DEV) Devenger Dolphins
Devenger Dolphins
Start: 5:00 PM
Warm-up: 3:45 PM

Thu Jun 7

(DEV) Devenger Dolphins at (SL) Stone Lake Stingrays
Stone Lake Stingrays
Start: 5:00 PM
Warm-up: 4:15 PM

Thu Jun 14

(DEV) Devenger Dolphins at (GOWER) Gower Swim Team
Gower Swim Team
Start: 4:00 PM
Warm-up: 3:15 PM

Mon Jun 18

Optional Spirit Wear Orders Due
Place In Swim Team Box at Pool

This year Divisionals fall on the week of 4th of July. We are trying to do some fun activities to celebrate the 4th and Divisionals. One way is we are offering a special OPTIONAL festive spirit wear order for Divisionals week. The shirt order will be due MONDAY June 18th. Please make checks payable to DEVENGER SWIM TEAM. you can either give them to Amy Penny at practice or place the order form and check in the box marked SWIM TEAM just outside the pool gate. 

Spirit Wear Order Form

Wed Jun 20

10 and Under Outing with the Coaches
Regal Hollywood 20
Start: 3:30 PM
End: 6:30 PM (estimated)

The Incredibles 2 with the Guppies, 8&unders, and 9-10s this Wednesday, June 20.

We'll plan to see the 3:30, non-3D show at Hollywood 20. Here's what we need from you:
1. An RSVP to know if your child is coming, and
2. Whether or not you can help drive, and how many seats you have in your car.

We want to get an exact count so we can make sure we have enough seats in cars to get the kids there and back. Two of the coaches will drive (and all three will chaperone), but that probably won't be enough seats.

The matinee cost of a child's ticket for a movie is $9.23. (The adult cost is $9.75, if you would like to join us.) The movie is rated PG. Everyone is responsible for purchasing your own tickets. If your child is joining a carpool, I will be glad to manage the money if you would like me to.

We hope a big group will join us! Please let me know if your child can come by 11:15am on Wednesday. Assuming we get enough drivers, we'll plan to leave together from the pool at 2:30 sharp. (You can just meet us at the theater if you're not able to help carpool.) The movie is 1 hour and 58 minutes long, so we should be back at the pool by 6:30 p.m. at the very latest.

If there is interest, perhaps we can also make a plan to go somewhere for an inexpensive dinner together afterward. Let me know your thoughts on that when you respond.

Thu Jun 21

(RW) River Walk Shockwaves at (DEV) Devenger Dolphins
Devenger Dolphins
Start: 5:30 PM
Warm-up: 4:15 PM

Sat Jun 23

Guppies Meet at Devenger
Start: 9:00 AM
Warm-up: 8:45 AM
End: 10:15 AM (estimated)

June 23 -- Forrester Woods

at Devenger
Starting time: 9:00am (be there by 8:45am)

Wed Jun 27

10 & Under Shaving Cream War
Devenger Pool
Start: 1:45 PM
End: 2:30 PM (estimated)

10 & Under Dolphins and Guppies are invited to participate in a shaving cream fight.  It will be located in the grassy area behind the basketball court at the DPFC. Everyone should get there by 1:45 so that we can be ready to go. Once the fight is over the swimmers will be hosed down by the fire truck.  

There are a few musts:

1. Bring your own can(s) of shaving cream.  The foam (not gel) works best.  You can get it at Walmart or the Dollar Store.

2. Bring goggles.  There will be shaving cream everywhere and the goggles will help keep the shaving cream out of the eyes.

3. We will have practice right after.  Be prepared to swim. 

4. Have fun!

Wed Jun 27

11- 14 Outing with Coaches
Frankie's Fun Park
Start: 6:00 PM
End: 8:00 PM

This event is for all 11,12, 13 & 14 swimmers.  Come hang out and have fun with Coach Treu, Coach Sherie, & Coach Matt.  Bring money to ride the rides or play games.  Contact Coach Treu and he can help arrange rides for those in need.

Thu Jun 28

(SCR) SCR Sharks at (DEV) Devenger Dolphins
Devenger Dolphins
Start: 5:00 PM
Warm-up: 3:45 PM

Fri Jun 29

Guppies Intrasquad Meet at Devenger
Start: 10:00 PM
Warm-up: 10:00 AM
End: 11:30 PM (estimated)

June 29 -- Intrasquad Meet

at Devenger
Starting time: 10:30 am

Followed by a little end of season gathering for the guppies and their instructors.

Sat Jun 30

Intent to Swim Divisionals and C&C
Start: 12:00 AM
Warm-up: 8:30 AM
End: 12:00 AM

This "meet" will serve as your Intent to Swim for Divisionals and Championships and Classics.

Divisionals     Friday July 6th 10 & unders       Saturday July 7th 11 & overs both at Gower

Championships Saturday July 14th at Westside Aquatics

Classics Sunday July 15th at Westside Aquatics

If you are available to attend Divisionals, Championships, or Classics, please select YES.  Next you will select each individual "event" that you are available to attend. (My child is available for Divisionals and Classics only. I will choose Event 1 and Event 3)  We will be using this as the new "yes/no" sheet used in the past.

If you are not available to attend Divisionals, please select NO. This will remove you from eligibility for Championships and Classics and no further action is required.

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